Consorzio Ro.Ma. is a non-profit Vocational Education and Training provider, founded in 2003. It is certified as training and job services provided by the Lazio and Campania Regional Councils (competent Authorities for EQF and ECVET). Consorzio Ro.Ma. designs and delivers training courses and guidance services at various levels: Vocational Education and Training, School Education, Adult Education. Its activities focus on the labour market and social inclusion of groups at risk: NEETs, low-qualifications/skills, long-term unemployed, migration background, disabilities, and it builds its activities on different key levels of action.

Associazione Italiana Persone Down (AIPD) is a national association of persons with Down syndrome and parents. AIPD is a non-profit making organization, officially established in Rome in 1979 with 55 branches are spread out in the national territory, representing a central point of reference for parents, professionals and anyone interested in Down Syndrome. The AIPD’s Mission is to achieve a better general care for people with Down’s syndrome and to conceive and implement projects capable of responding to the needs of people with DS and their families to build a more welcoming and supportive society towards them.

The International Consulting and Mobility Agency (INCOMA) is a training and research agency based in Seville (Spain), active member of international networks such as EfVET, Anna Lindh Foundation, and WINGS. INCOMA is devoted to the knowledge transfer at EU and/or International level and to the development and coordination of projects targeting groups at risk of exclusion or with special difficulties to enter the labour market, such as young people, women or migrants. Its main areas of expertise include mobility; vocational training; employment, labour inclusion and the promotion of equal opportunities; entrepreneurship; intercultural competences; and languages.

The Association for Commune Przygodzice Development is non-governmental organisation with 17 trainers and 72 trainees. Its main objective is to increase the standard of living of a local community. Currently SGP offers trainings in various disciplines and supports environmental protection, inclusion and integration education, employment, culture and sport actions as well supports individual people and organizations which take similar actions. We strongly cooperate with Labour Office to support our learners on labour market. The Association aims to initiate various educational actions, encourages volunteering and provides job orientation services and career counselling, and psychosocial support and counselling for various category of people.

Cap Ulysse is a training center committed with several community initiatives aimed at strengthening the European workforce. With over 13 years’ experience on European projects in the framework of Lifelong Learning Program, Erasmus and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Cap Ulysse has developed an expertise in the area of vocational mobility in Europe with the aim of promoting professional mobility for everyone, including NEETS and disable trainees, improving the quality of the mobility process, facilitating the recognition of the benefits of learning and experience at a European level. Cap Ulysse is the leader of a consortium focused on the mobility of disable learners..

The European Education and Learning Institute (EELI) is a Lifelong Learning Center certified by the EOPPEP (National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance/ Hellenic Ministry of Education), operating all over the Greek island of Crete. EELI offers services in a wide range of programmes aiming to contribute to the lifelong learning of people of all ages and strengthen cooperation in education throughout Europe. EELI provides public and private educational institutions with technical assistance in the development and implementation of EU programmes and research projects.

The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) is a pan-European umbrella professional association, established in 1991, with the main purpose of building a network of practitioners VET institutions, to secure a voice across Europe in both European policymaking and practice arenas. EfVET main aim is to influence policies and decisions regarding VET systems in Europe; to promote networking opportunities among Members facilitating their access to relevant information, resources, and tools; to act as a key dissemination partner in different projects and initiatives. EfVET represents currently 230 associations in 34 countries with a reach of approximately 200,000 VET professionals and 2.000,000 learners.

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