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Intangible Results

• Definition of tools and of a training course for the design of transnational mobility paths for people with ID;
• Updated skills of at least 22 people (staff of VET providers) in the design of transnational mobility projects involving people with intellectual disabilities;
• Greater self-esteem and social competences of at least 12 people with mild intellectual disabilities
• Increased awareness on the need to involve people with intellectual disabilities;
• Increased collaboration between VET providers, SMEs and NGOs.

Main Tangible Results

O1-R1 PR.E.S.T.O. Guidelines

O1-R3 PR.E.S.T.O. Training course design, contents and material

O1-R5 6 Blended mobility projects

O2-R1: PR.E.S.T.O. Video

C1-R1: Short Term Joint Staff Training Event

C2/7-R1: 23 days of mobility in for 12 trainees

C2/7-R2: 12 Learning Agreement and Quality Commitment signed