by Marina Camacho, INCOMA
PR.E.S.T.O. partners have already started to work on the first Intellectual Output named “PR.E.S.T.O. Training Course for VET Providers”. The main objectives of this first step of the project are:

  • to define a set of standards and tools for the design of transnational mobility projects accessible by people with ID;
  • to update the competences of VET project designers as for what regards the design of transnational mobility experiences for people with ID;
  • to test VET Project Designers’ new competences and skills, as well as to assess the validity of the PR.E.S.T.O. Training Course.

The initial point has been the design of a survey, led by the French partner, in order to identify reasons/obstacles conducting VET organisations to underrepresented intellectual mild disable learners on mobility programmes. These findings will help in the development of the guidelines to support VET providers in Europe in the design and implementation of transnational mobility experiences for people with ID. All partners will contribute and work hard with the purpose of obtaining useful data for the implementation of the future activities.

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