International Day for People with Disabilities

by Marina Camacho, INCOMA

The 3rd of December is the day for people with disabilities and it is celebrated all around the world. This is the perfect opportunity to make everyone more aware of the rights of people with disabilities.

We must bear in mind that, nowadays still across Europe, people with disabilities face important barriers in their daily life:

– 4 times more persons with disabilities report unmet healthcare needs than those without disabilities

– Only 64% of persons with disabilities have an internet connection at home, compared to 88% of persons without disabilities

– Over 1 in 5 young people with disabilities leave school early, compared to 1 in 10 of those without disabilities

At the European level, every year on the very first days of December, a conference is organised by the European Commission and the European Disability Forum, named European Day of Persons with Disabilities. The shorter name for this conference is EDPD. In 2021 this conference took place online. The topics tackled this year were healthcare, digital services, and education.

If you are curious and want to go deeper into this conference, in the following link you can check the speeches given by the keynote speakers during this year event at this link.

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